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YOUR Higher Wiser Self

Becoming your higher, wiser Self is requires paying attention to your feelings and mind in the moment as often as you can. This process is an inner evolution process taking you closer to who you truly, authentically are - and thus, away from who you Think you are.  Who you Think you are is vastly [...]

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Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) Now?

One of the beautiful things about Emotional Intelligence is that it can be developed. Perhaps more importantly, it’s never too late to develop it. Why it's important Looking into and implementing strategies of Emotional Intelligence can help you and/or your team. Building emotional intelligence allows us to gain great insight into ability to identify and control emotions, effectively [...]

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Can We Prevent Burnout?

When we are stressed, it's important to pay attention to our own needs and feelings early on as we begin to feel stressed. The following is a 5-stage model for recognizing and dealing with stress within burnout.  When you hear yourself “blaming and complaining” about “others” often, check yourself. You have more power to control your [...]

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