Want Some Inner Peace – Value of Re-Setting Our Minds

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Want Some Inner Peace – Value of Re-Setting Our Minds

Let’s face it.  If you are living in this world and engaged in what is coming our way via social media, television, the internet, and often in conversation with others who are also often being dominated by the excess of data – then you will know what I mean.

We feel overwhelmed from the inside out!

So, this is a beginning step to address this part of our reality.

First, let’s look at a few truths that may help us even before we look at some Re-Setting methods.

Truth 1 – The only thing happening in your experience right “now” is what you are experiencing in this moment.

If you are currently upset about a driver that cut you off 10 minutes ago, you are living in a fantasy (Tempting as it is to believe it’s real, it isn’t – the past is gone.  The only thing keeping it in the mind’s present is the “replaying” and personal inner commentary on the occurrence.)

Truth 2 – As far as our consciousness knows, the moment is all that is happening.

(Now I know Quantum Physics is now pointing to some alternative views – but we are talking about 0ur current level of self awareness.

Truth 3 – When my mind is truly present, we are almost always in a balanced state.

Unless there is something literally happening to disturb our environment at that moment, life flows pretty well.  Check out a bunch of pre-schoolers playing together sometime.  Despite all the feelings usually showing up, there is a continual return to presence in their minds that is both amazing and sweet.  We still have that mechanism in us!

So, here’s a “return to our natural reality” tip we can use in almost all situations.  No driving or any other responsibilities around when you are doing this.

Step 1 Re-Set – Without closing your eyes, take a deep breath – feel the air flowing upward through your nostrils (feel the temperature, the texture etc…)

Step 2 Re-Set – Breathe out with clarity through your mouth feeling what this feels like as it flows through your lips.

Step 3 Re-Set – Repeat… Repeat… Repeat…Repeat……

By utilizing this simple yet profound tool at your disposal you can reset both your mind and body at the same time.

I believe it is important to utilize all the tools we have at our own disposal for self balance.

For more help to integrate this perspective or any others into your life, partnership, team, and/or organization, fill out a consultation request to see how the Center for Self Balance can help you go beyond where you are in terms of presence and balance.

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