SELF AWARENESS – Step 1: Identify My Ego

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SELF AWARENESS – Step 1: Identify My Ego

Within each of us is this idea from within that thinks it knows who we are and who we are not. This is the Ego.It’s the part of us who we think we are – descriptors of ourselves like a Mother, Owner, Executive, Athlete, Manager, Brother, Husband, Wife, Partner etc…..

What takes us out of the Moment more than anything in the world?

  • Attachment to our own views. Another word for these phenomena is STORIES. Stories are those descriptive tales we tell ourselves about someone or some thing that we really do not know for sure: “She’s late. She must be mad at me.” “If I get this promotion, I will have to get new friends.”

That Ego part of us attaches to these “stories” in order to give merit to the position or opinion we are fixed to or defending. Carl Jung pointed to the Ego being the center of Consciousness – and thereby by design, limited in what can be perceived.

Why Does This Matter???

Because of the nature of the Ego and its perception that this is all we are, it has tendencies to compete, compare, dominate, and whisk away ideas, opinions, perceptions, etc.. that do not fit with the ideal that has been established. What’s the danger? Being locked in this Ego state is I stay stuck in this loop of never ending state comparing to others, inability to feel balanced, and distant from any sense of peace.

Going Beyond the Limitations of Ego

So to net it out, our task is to go beyond the effect of the Ego. The unconscious holds so many more answers for us. This is the world of feelings, dreams, daydreams, our personal unconscious--which holds all of our experiences, and the collective unconscious – that part of our unconscious we share with all.

As we open to all that we are, the grip of the Ego loosens. We become more open, whole, expansive, and in a very real sense – integrated. It is from this position that wisdom can be accessed and new insights that lead to wisdom can be experienced.

How to Get There

There are numerous tools to help us to gain back this present moment. This present moment is where we theoretically have access to the “wholeness” of who we are. We will cover some of these ways over time.

The important thing to remember now is that we are so much more than who we think we are. We have much more potential and wisdom available to us. And we have capacity for balance and connection beyond what we may have previously imagined.

We balance and evolve most when we can learn and execute being present regularly and know in this moment that we are not merely our thoughts, feelings, or situations.

And, thus, this working from the Inside, Out is a key foundation to benefit you individually, in relationships, and for all fulfilling all you wish to accomplish.

For more information on transcending your Ego and maintaining a sense of presence in your life, contact Joseph to discuss your unique and individual situation.

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